Stored potatoes in Europe, the second half of the season

By 3rd February 2016Growers, Customers

Rush Group’s employees in Eastern Europe are reporting that demand for stored potatoes in countries such as Poland, Slovakia and Hungary is accelerating at the moment, as the quality of these countries’ stored potatoes is deteriorating. Nothing strange about that – this usually happens at this time of the year.

Normally this shortfall would be filled with potatoes from France, Belgium or Holland, but this may not be the case this year. Potato farmers in these countries planted (in 2015) a smaller area of potatoes for packing, in reaction to last year’s bumper crop, so yields of tableware potatoes are much lower through this storage season.

So is there going to be a shortage and are prices going to be higher?

Murray Hogge comments: “It’s difficult to say at the moment, it all depends on how long farmers in Western Europe hold back stock in the hope of getting higher prices. French farmers in particular are sitting on substantial quantities of the types of top quality potatoes that are demanded by the packers, but if they hold out too long or even push prices too high, our clients in Eastern Europe may be forced to seek supply from further afield. We are already meeting some of this demand with packing potatoes from the UK. ”


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