Supplying Butternut Squash throughout the year – finding a home for all sizes

By 28th November 2013Growers, Customers

Rush Group apply their mantra: 365 days, right quality and right price to all the fresh produce they supply and butternut squash is no exception.

Their ability to keep a constant supply flowing comes from their worldwide network of growers; the northern hemisphere (Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy) producing butternut squash from July – January and the southern hemisphere (Argentina, Peru and South Africa) producing butternut squash from February to June.

Due to the basic similarities that run across the different varieties of butternut squash, Rush Group focuses on the different sizes that each crop and variety yields, and unlike many of its competitors can find a home for nearly every butternut squash – whatever the weight and size.

500- 800g          supermarkets and packers

800 -1200g        retail, food service and wholesale

1200 – 1400g    food service

1400 – 1800g    secondary processing

1800g +             processing

The majority of Rush Group’s butternut squash clients are in the UK and Ireland, but recently they have started indirectly supplying Tesco in Poland.

If you are a potential new supplier, or a new customer, please contact Sam Crocker today for more information.

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