Supplying The Caribbean with top quality fresh produce

By 18th March 2014Customers

Rush Group has recently started re-supplying the Caribbean Islands, especially Barbados with fresh produce. These islands import a large proportion of their fruit and vegetables, often go to Dutch and Canadian sources for their fresh produce, but it seems that Rush’s ability to supply of a wide variety of top quality fresh produce has caught their attention.

Rush Group sources all its produce, including a wide variety of potatoes and onions mainly from Europe, as well as supplying the Caribbean with garlic from China. The Group is relatively well known in these islands, and due to its ability to supply the right quality and variety of fresh produce at the right time and at the right price, means that their business is only going to grow and grow through word of mouth and positive recommendations.

If you are looking for fresh produce supplier who can consistently and reliably supply the Caribbean with top quality fresh produce, please contact Tom Ebdon today.

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