Sweet Potatoes’ ever increasing demand

By 28th May 2014Growers, Customers

Sweet potatoes are proving to be unstoppable in their popularity. Rush Group’s Sam Crocker says that the sweet potato business is growing because the public have taken to these healthy root vegetables.

What was once a speciality vegetable is now seen as a staple in peoples’ diets and their shopping baskets. So what has created this increase in sales? Sweet potatoes have always been popular in America, where they have been traditionally associated with Thanksgiving, but now Europeans have started to use them increasingly in their everyday cooking. There is probably not one definitive answer, but here are a few reasons why sweet potatoes are growing in popularity.

The name

The fact they have ‘potato’ in the name has probably helped these roots become a part of our weekly shop. Consumers can easily and confidently make the swap from traditional potatoes to sweet potatoes.

Health properties

Sweet potatoes are recognised as being a healthier alternative, particularly high in Vitamin A and C.


Like the white potato, the sweet potato is amazingly versatile. In fact it can be used in any way a white potato is used (with some slight cooking variations of course). Particular areas of growth in the sweet potato market can be seen in processed products such as sweet potato crisps and sweet potato chips.

Whatever the reason or reasons, Rush Group has seen its sales grow year on year for the past 5 years.

If you are looking for a reliable source of sweet potatoes, please contact Sam Crocker.

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