The art of delivering fresh produce on time and in excellent condition

By 25th September 2013Growers, Corporate, Customers

Rush Group has a wide and varied collection of road, shipping, rail and air logistics partners around the globe who work with them on a daily basis to get their fresh produce delivered around the world. Rush choose to work with these specialists, as like Rush they understand the need for efficiency and time keeping when dealing with fresh produce.


Rush Group’s product knowledge and expertise means that they know the right vehicle for the right job. They have access to a wide range of trucks, from a curtain sided lorry to a fridge truck – perfect for when the weather is hot and humid and the fresh produce needs to be maintained at its peak condition. (Rush Group constantly monitors the weather and has a hotline to The Met Office).

The Group’s cutting edge technology means that Rush is in control of the whole delivery process from start to finish, with many of the trucks being trackable throughout the whole journey. The technology allows the CMR containing the weight, farmer’s and driver’s signature and truck details, to be copied onto Rush’s computer system and then sent out as confirmation to the various people involved in the supply chain. On top of all of this, Rush Group can keep in contact with the truck throughout the process, so if any issues do occur they can provide solutions as quickly as possible.

The normal conclusions to this section of the supply chain is that the fresh produce arrives on time, is weighed and unloaded, the paper work is checked and signed and delivery is complete.


For longer distances and where geography does not allow road or rail, Rush Group chooses to ship its fresh produce. They regularly ship to and from the west coast of America, Russia, The Middle East, the Far East and the Mediterranean, mainly using 40ft high cube reefer containers. Shipping fresh produce such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions is also more cost efficient and environmentally friendly over such long distances.


For higher tonnages, rail is far more cost effective than road, as well as being more suitable for longer distances. Rush therefore opts for this method when transporting fresh produce over many miles, especially when/if the rail networks available work well logistically, e.g. the direct rail link from Lodz, Poland to China.

Whatever the method, whatever the fresh produce being delivered, Rush Group recognises that getting the logistics section of the supply chain correct is more than picking up a phone and ordering a truck. Organising the logistics for fresh produce involves knowing and understanding the various unique issues that go hand in hand with transporting a perishable product, and it is Rush’s many years of experience that allows them to deliver their potatoes, carrots, broccoli and cauliflowers on time and in a marketable condition.

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